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Sir William MacPherson T.D. of Cluny and Blairgowrie

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing on Sunday, February 14th, of Sir William MacPherson T.D. of Cluny and Blairgowrie, Patron of The 1745 Association and 27th hereditary chief of the Clan Macpherson of Cluny. Like his ancestor Cluny Macpherson of the '45, Sir William was a man of courage and independent judgement, who sought to fulfil his duties as a lawyer and judge without fear or favour to any special interest, no matter how powerful it might be. His commitment to justice, irrespective of the pressures brought to bear on him, was manifested most prominently in his role as the judge in the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, where his conclusion that the police investigation had been "marred by a combination of professional incompetence, institutional racism and failure of leadership" led to attacks on his findings from those who found their implications uncomfortable, yet led to reforms that have helped remedy the problems he identified, and ultimately resulted, many years later, in a measure of posthumous justice for Stephen Lawrence when his killers were finally jailed.
We in The 1745 Association will remember him as a worthy Patron who presided at the Annual Dinner of the Coupar Angus Gathering; we salute his life as we mourn his death, and we offer our profound condolences to his family.

Ranald MacDonell, 23rd Chief of Macdonell of Glengarry

It is with enormous regret that we have learned of the passing of our Patron, Ranald MacDonell, 23rd Chief of Macdonell of Glengarry, early on the morning of 30th January 2021. He passed away peacefully at St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, West Sussex, where he had been for just over a week following a long illness.  His wife Carolyn asked me to pass this news to the Association, and said that “I am both thankful for the superb care he received at the Hospice and relieved that his suffering has come to an end. And of course I am overwhelmingly grateful for the very happy years we had together during our marriage of almost 19 years.”


Many of us will remember Ranald with fondness and gratitude.  He served the Association with unfailing courtesy and loyalty.  He unveiled the Plaque to Young Glengarry which marks the entrance on Falkirk High Street to the Falkirk Trinity Churchyard where he is interred and commemorates his ancestor’s tragic accidental death after the Battle of Falkirk Muir.  He and Carolyn  presided at our Annual Dinner in 2018 and always gave their time to the Association generously and without recompense even of expenses, and he will be sadly missed.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carolyn and her family at this sad and difficult time for them.

The ‘45 in 45 minutes

The 1745 Association is inviting you to the second of a series of monthly talks given by members of the Association for members of the Association.

​Topic: The Prince's Cairn.

​This illustrated presentation by sword maker and master-at-arms Paul MacDonald focuses on the 1745 Association cairn which marks the spot of The Prince's departure from Scotland in 1746. Other locations in the vicinity associated with '45 Rising history are also referenced. 

This will take place on Friday, 5th February @ 17:45

A reminder will be sent on the morning of the event.

Association Talk - 31st December 2020 via Zoom

The birth of Prince Charles Edward Stuart on 31 December (New Style) 1720 gives the 1745 Association an opportunity to embark on a new venture.

The Association will invite members who have provided an email address to a series of short talks, conducted by Zoom, on a specific aspect of the Rising. We intend to begin with an examination of a plaque erected by the Association but other aspects of the Rising will be included as we progress.
The first talk, on the history behind the plaque commemorating the death of Young Glengarry, will be offered by our member Glen MacDonald. The plaque may be found outside the Old Church in Falkirk and was erected in 2018.
The talk will begin at 1pm GMT on 31 December 2020. The “virtual doors” will open at 12:45pm. 
A link to the appropriate Zoom meeting will be sent to members using our Google Group email system no later than 24 hours beforehand. It is not necessary for participants to have Zoom downloaded on their devices although those not familiar with Zoom might want to do so in order to become familiar with it.

Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust - 300th Birthday of Charles Edward Stuart Lecture

Our friends at, 'the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust, are putting on a digital lecture to mark the 300th birthday of Charles Edward Stuart. 

This will be on Dec 20th @ 20:00. 

If you would like to attend, it is free.  Please click on the link below to register. 

Three hundred years after the birth of Charles Edward Stuart, we take a look at who the "bonnie prince" really was, what he hoped to achieve in 1745, and how he has been presented and portrayed ever since.
The talk will be presented by Dr Arran Johnston, executive trustee of the Battle of Prestonpans (1745) Heritage Trust.



2020 Gathering Update @ 27/03/2020

At the moment, the Florence Gathering is scheduled for October 2020.  In the light of the current crisis, Italy is in a state of lockdown which will last at least until the end of July according to the Italian Government.

At present we have 21 bookings.  As you may surmise, there have been no new bookings recently and our cut-off date for bookings is July 31st to give enough time to confirm or cancel the accommodation already booked.

We assure you that we have no intention to go forward with this trip, unless we are absolutely sure that it is safe and both the British and Italian governments agree that it is so.

However, given the restrictions placed on international travel and tourism by the need to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Gathering may have to be postponed until next Spring (April or May 2021).  In that eventuality, all bookings made before the current booking deadline of July 31st 2020 will be honoured at the quoted price.  If the Gathering date is put back to the Spring of 2021, it should also be possible to accept additional bookings after August 2020, although these may have to be at a slightly elevated rate, depending on the terms we can secure from the hotel, caterers and the sites we will visit in the event of a postponement.

A final decision on the date of the Florence Gathering will be made in July 2020 and published in the Summer edition of The Jacobite.”

275th anniversary of the Jacobite Council of War at Derby

December 5th marks the 275th anniversary of the Jacobite Council of War at Derby, which was the turning point of the Rising of 1745.  Over the past five years, our Chairman Mike Nevin, has marked the anniversary with a tour of the Jacobite exhibitions at the National Museum of Scotland or the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, whose paintings and artefacts provide direct personal contact with the Jacobite era.

This year, a tour is not possible due to Covid restrictions on social gatherings.  Instead, Mike has set up a Zoom Conference between 12.30 PM and 1:00 PM (GMT) on Saturday, December 5th to introduce ‘Reminiscences of a Jacobite’, published this month by Birlinn to coincide with the forthcoming tri-centenary of the birth of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in December 1720.  The online talk will comprise a 15 min presentation of the book, followed by the opportunity for questions for up to 15 mins.  Doors will open at 12:20
PM, and the event will end latest at 1:00 PM (as Zoom has a 40 minute limit on free conferences).  The event is free and open to all, and can be accessed at:


Meeting ID: 921 613 5669
Passcode: Zcs3ec

Preliminary Notice of the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the 1745 Association

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the 1745 Association will be held on Saturday, September 5th 2020, commencing at 10:00 am.

The meeting agenda will be included in the Summer Edition of The Jacobite.


In the light of the measures taken to combat the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, at this time we do not know what restrictions may be in place with regard to physical gatherings, for example in terms of the maximum number of people permitted to attend any gathering in person.

Accordingly, in line with the AGMs of a number of other organisations and companies, it will be possible for attendees to join the AGM via the internet through a Zoom Conference facility.


If you would like to be notified of meeting arrangements and joining instructions, please send your e-mail address to the Meeting Organiser, Stephen Lord (Hon Treasurer) at:  stevelord888@gmail.com

You will then be sent details of how to join 48 hours in advance (Thursday, September 3rd). 


The virtual meeting doors will be open at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday September 5th to give all those wishing to attend plenty of time to sign in before the meeting starts.

Membership Subscriptions Reminder

We remind you that subscriptions to the 1745 Association are due on January 1 2020.


The rates for 2020 are £20.00 for single membership and £25.00 for two joint members residing at the same address. These subscription rates include a hard copy “Jacobite” journal posted by Royal Mail to the provided address three time a year. We also have an e-Jacobite rate (single membership: £5.00 or Joint membership £7.00) which is open to all. This will include three electronic copies of the “Jacobite” journal in pdf form emailed to the member at the email address provided.


  • Both new and existing members may pay their subscriptions by using PayPal through the “Join Us”.

  • We accept cheques drawn on a UK bank, payable to The 1745 Association and sent to:

The Treasurer, 1745 Association, 4 Mill St, Eynsham, WITNEY, OX29 4JS

  • We can also accept payments direct to the Association’s bank account. You should only need the Sort Code and account number but just in case, the bank is Bank of Scotland and the name on the account is The 1745 Association:

Sort Code - 80 07 17

Account number - 00754609


We encourage those of you who intend remaining members for some years and have a UK bank account to set up a Standing Order for payment thus ensuring you do not forget the due date. If you do this please remember to reference your payments clearly so the treasurer knows who it is from. The last three characters of your postcode is a suggestion.


Questions or comments regarding membership may be submitted through the “Contact Us” page.

1745 Association Event: Financing a Revolution - the untold story of the Rising of 1745


On December 5th 1745: the Jacobite army under Bonnie Prince Charlie reaches Derby, just 120 miles north of London.

On December 5th 2019 we will commemorate the high point of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 in a tour starting on the third floor of the Royal Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh under the Culloden banners at the "Scotland Transformed" display.


This event is now fully subscribed.


It will start on the 3rd floor of the Royal Museum at the standard of Barrel's regiment and the Stewart of Appin regimental banner display.


The programme:


The untold story of the ‘45.  Michael Nevin, Chairman of The 1745 Association, tells the story that is left out of the history books – that the real reason that the Rising of 1745 finally failed was simply because the Jacobites ran out of money.  As the Jacobite soldiers engaged in their final battle on a bitterly cold morning at Culloden, they were starving, penniless, poorly armed and exhausted after an abortive night march on Nairn.  Prince Charlie's most loyal right-hand man, Col John William O'Sullivan, concluded in his narrative that “Nobody that knows anything about military matters could imagine that six or seven thousand men, who for so long had suffered without money or food, and who had been discouraged and harassed as they had been two days before, could resist in a ranged battle against twice that number of regular troops that wanted for nothing.”

In this half-hour tour, we draw on the narrative of O'Sullivan, who as Quartermaster-General of the Jacobite Army was responsible for its supplies, and on the magnificent exhibits in the Royal Museum to tell the remarkable story of how the Rising was financed, and the roles played in it by the Hanoverian Royal Bank of Scotland and its first cashier, John Campbell, and by the Jacobite Bank of Scotland.



We will then take our leave of the museum, and take a short walk to the site of the Old Mercat Cross, on the city's famous Royal Mile, where Kevin Smith will continue with the following stories.

A.  The proclamation of Bonnie Prince Charlie's father James, as the rightful king of Great Britain, September 1745.

B.  The burning of the Jacobite banners captured at Culloden in April 1746.

C. A minutes silence by the Assocation’s members and guests, in remembrance of the fallen of both sides of the Jacobite Rising of 1745-46.


1:40 PM (APPROX).

We will then disperse, and those wishing to continue in conversation and friendship are cordially invited to join members of our Association's Council at the famous Deacon Brodies pub on the Royal Mile.


Our new eJacobite membership will be available with 1745 Association six-petalled White Rose lapel badge under a special Christmas Offer Deal - £7 for both for 2020!


After lunch, you then may wish to go Christmas shopping in Auld Reekie along the Royal Mile or Princes Street!!”

Northumberland Jacobite Society - John Roy Stuart Talk

The Fifteen, the Northumbrian Jacobite Society, are holding a talk on John Roy Stuart in the Dilston Chapel in Northumberland a week on Saturday (October 26), which is free and open to all.  You can register and get tickets at: 




Dilston Chapel is next to Dilston Castle, the ancient seat of the Earls of Derwentwater. The event starts at 11am, concluding at midday, when we believe the plan is for anyone who so wishes to go on to lunch.  


Liz Finch, Secretary of The Fifteen, the Northumbrian Jacobite Society, who are organising the talk, has asked for a list of names of anyone who would like to attend and is not a member of The Fifteen 15 for planning purposes, as per her message below:

"This is a reminder that our final talk of the year is on Saturday 26 October in the chapel at Dilston.  The usual time of 11am with members requested to meet in the car park at 1045.

Our speaker is Mike Nevin from our friends at The 1745 Association.  The subject is "John Roy Stuart, The Bard of Culloden".  There will also be a raffle, so please bring along your donations.

After the talk, members who wish to do so will adjourn to the Wheatsheaf, St Helen's St, Corbridge NE45 5HE (car park at rear) for lunch.

Please could you let us know if you are joining us - as you know, this is so we can advise Cambian college of numbers and also ensure that the talk does not start before everyone has arrived. 

If you are likely to be joining us for lunch, could you let us know so we can in turn inform the Weatsheaf.

Many thanks.

Elizabeth Finch"


Perth Museum & Art Gallery


Jacobite Clans


This exhibition coincides with the 330th anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie, and will focus on the great clans and families of Perthshire, exploring previously little-known stories of the uprisings. In addition to this, the National Galleries of Scotland will be loaning two spectacular portraits - Richard Wilson’s Flora Macdonald and William Mosman’s Prince Charles Edward Stuart.   


Exhibition runs from 29th June to 26th October 2019 (extended run).

Cost: Free





The Life and Poems of John Roy Stuart, Colonel of the Edinburgh Regiment.


Date: Saturday, October 26th 2019

Place: The Chapel at Dilston, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5RJ.  Dilston Castle and Chapel are situated in the private grounds of Cambian Dilston College, off the B6321/A695 roads between Hexham and Corbridge, in Northumberland. 

Time: Gather at 10:45 AM in the car park. 


The event is organised by The Fifteen, the Northumbrian Jacobite Society.  The talk, illustrated with slides and extracts from John Roy’s poems, will run from 11:00 A.M. to Midday.


A History in Three Chapters:

Chapter 1: Education of a Poet, 1700 – 1735

Chapter 2: The Jacobite Warrior 1735 – April 1746

Chapter 3: The Bard of Culloden: John Roy after the Battle

Free and open to all.

Jacobite Council of War Event.

September 20th 1745: On the eve of the Battle of Prestonpans, the Jacobite High Command under Bonnie Prince Charlie convened at the Sheep Heid Inn at Duddingston to plan out their strategy of attack. The following day they scored a stunning victory over Sir John Cope's redcoats at Prestonpans.


Friday, September 20th 2019: We will recreate some of the events of that day at the very inn where the Prince, Lord George Murray, the Duke of Perth, Lochiel and the Highland clan chieftains met to plan their next move.  Muster from 5:00 PM onwards – the Council starts at 6:00 PM!

The wearing of tartan and highland wear as well as lowland clothing would be much appreciated for this special Jacobite historical event, and a warm welcome awaits - although hopefully not quite as warm as the welcome given to Johnny Cope the next day!


A price of £20 is charged to cover the cost of a buffet supper for all attendees.
Tickets can be obtained at:


Soldiers of Killiekrankie


Date: Friday July 26th 2019

Place: Brewdog (opposite Perth Museum), 62/64 George Street, Perth PH1 5JL

Time: Midday onwards


Perth Museum & Art Gallery: "Soldiers of Killiecrankie".  Come and join us in support of this exciting event, and enjoy the Jacobite Clans exhibition.   We cordially invite current and non-members alike to this excellent Jacobite history event. 

Free and open to all.  Non-ticketed.

Remembering Dunkeld: Orphan Battle of the Jacobite Wars.


On the Saturday, August 17th 2019, The 1745 Association is organising a free commemorative event, open to all, to remember the Battle of Dunkeld fought 330 years ago on August 21st 1689.


Dunkeld is the Orphan Battle of the Jacobite Wars – alone and neglected, literally fatherless after the Jacobite leader, Bonnie Dundee, was taken out by a sniper at Killiecrankie a month before. Dunkeld, a battle unique in the annals of the Jacobite Wars, was fought in an urban environment with brutal street-to-street fighting between the two sides. By the end of the fight, Dunkeld lay in flames, never to regain its former glory. Only the Cathedral remains of the buildings that stood before 1689.


The programme:


  • Midday onwards - Gather at the Perth Arms Hotel, High Street, Dunkeld, PH8 0AJ to meet old friends and new

  • 1:30 PM: Dunkeld - The Orphan Battle. An illustrated talk by Michael Nevin, Chairman of The 1745 Association

  • 2:00 PM: A walking tour of the town, taking in key points of the battle, under the guidance of Kevin Smith and John McCulloch, Council Members of The 1745 Association.  The tour will include a visit to the Cathedral and a description of tactics and clothing, and conclude with a brief commemoration of those who fell

  • 3:30 PM: Return to the Perth Arms Hotel for a re-enactment of the famous Jacobite toast "Tae the King o'er the Water"


Excellent bar food and refreshments will be available for purchase at the Hotel.


Free Tickets will be issued on a “first come, first served” basis, and can be obtained at:


There is also an interesting piece regarding this event published in Scottish Field online which can be accessed here.

A forthcoming auction containing Jacobite items may be of interest to Members of the 1745 Association.


The Lyon & Turnbull auction of rare books, manuscripts and maps which will be held in Edinburgh on June 19th will also contain a number of items Jacobite interest. The catalogue is yet to be published.  It will be available at:




One final item of information:  Peter left his Jacobite Library, containing over 300 titles, many of them rare, some privately printed and most now out of print, to the Library of The 1745 Association.  These books are now awaiting shelving at the Association’s Library and Archive at Callendar House, Falkirk, where they will be available for public research.  The Association is seeking to arrange a formal dedication of the Peter Lole Library at Callendar House, possibly on Friday, January 17th, 2020, the anniversary of the Battle of Falkirk Muir in 1746.   Hopefully that will give sufficient time for the library to be properly organised in the Callendar House Library and Archive.  Further details will follow in due course.

The Battle of Glenshiel – 300 Years On!  June 10th 2019


June 10th 1719: Hanoverian Government forces under Lieutenant-General Wightman close in on a Jacobite army under the Marquis of Tullibardine in the mountainous terrain of the Western Highlands.  The two armies engage that afternoon in the valley of Glenshiel, in the conclusive battle of the Rising of 1719.


June 10th 2019:  300 years on to the very day, Michael Nevin, Chairman of the 1745 Association, will commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Glenshiel by recounting the events leading up to it, and the course of the battle itself, at a lunchtime talk at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  The talk will start at 12:30 PM in Gallery No 1, drawing on the paintings there to describe key events that led up to Rising, before moving on to Galley No 4 (the Wolfson Gallery), concluding with a detailed appreciation of Peter Tillemans' contemporary masterpiece, The Battle of Glenshiel.


The talk is free and open to all.  Members of The 1745 Association are more than welcome to stay behind after the talk for a commemorative pub lunch and convivial conversation – although the price of lunch is not included in the free ticket!


Numbers are restricted for Health and Safety regulations, and the limited number of tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  They can be obtained at:



Bonhams Scottish Sale Auction, which will be held in Edinburgh on Wednesday May 15th (a week tomorrow).  

This auction includes the Jacobite Collection of Peter Lole, late Chairman of The 1745 Association, Editor of the Jacobite, and (at the time of his passing in November of last year), Honorary Vice Chairman of the Association.  

Details of Peter’s very considerable and important collection of Jacobite memorabilia are given in the auction catalogue (available at https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25363/) on pages 124 to 145 inclusive (items 249 to 300) and brief biographical details of Peter are given on page 123 of the catalogue.


Peter had a particular interest in, and knowledge of, Jacobite Glass, on which he was one of the world’s foremost authorities.  Reflecting this, on the eve of the auction, Simon Cottle of Bonhams is giving a lecture on “Majesty and Rebellion: 18th-Century Jacobite Glass”.  

This lecture will be at 7 PM on Tuesday, May 14th 2019, at Bonhams, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Bookings can be made by phone on  0131 225 2266, or by e-mail at edinburghevents@bonhams.com.

The event listed below has been postponed owing to a short illness suffered by the presenter Mr Michael Nevin, Chairman of the 1745 Association. The event has been rescheduled for 5 March between 12.15pm and 1.00pm. The venue remains the same.

The event is currently fully booked but is is possible that there may be cancellations:


Wednesday March 5th 2018: to commemorate the anniversary of the Council of War at Derby on Decenber 5th 1745, we will hold our annual tour of Gallery No 4 (the Wolfson Gallery) of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery between 12:15 PM and 1 PM.  This tour is free and open to all.  The title this year is “Portraits of the Jacobite Era: Myths, Misconceptions and Misinterpretations."


Book your  tickets here:

This event is sold out, sorry



Friday, April 12th 2019: Annual 1745 Association / NTS Lecture at the Culloden Visitor Centre. Details to follow in the next edition of The Jacobite.


Book your tickets here:



Saturday, April 13th 2019: Culloden Anniversary Service commencing at the Culloden Visitor Centre at 10:30 AM, organised by the Gaelic Society of Inverness. Following the wreath laying ceremony, all Members of the Association in attendance are invited to join the Clan Donald for their dinner at 1 PM.


Saturday, April 20th 2019: annual commemoration of the Kennington Martyrs at St George’s Gardens, London, where their last mortal remains are interred.


Friday, June 7th 2019 – Saturday, June 8th 2019: Annual Gathering of the Association in Inverness.  The Gathering is exceptionally being held in June rather than September in 2019 to commemorate the tri-centenary of the Battle of Glen Shiel (June 1719), which we are organising jointly with the Association of Highland Clans and Societies.  The Gathering will include a tour of the Culloden Battlefield on Friday, with a talk on recent evidence that throws new light on the scale and events of the battle, followed by a visit on the Saturday to Eilean Donan Castle and the Glen Shiel battlefield.”




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