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We have a limited number of classic past editions of The Jacobite for sale, below, which are valuable sources for anyone seriously interested in the Jacobite era and the Rising of 1745.  We fully intend to make other relevant items available in due course.

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##SPECIAL OFFER - 16 Volumes ranging from 2006-2012 for £25.00 - while stocks last##


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##SPECIAL OFFER## 16 Volumes of Classic Jacobites 2006 - 2012

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Bumper pack of past issues of the 1745 Association Journal, "The Jacobite". This pack includes the following editions:

  1. Edition No 120 (Spring 2006), which contains a reprint of Betty Stuart Hart's article on the historian Walter Biggar Blaikie and a riposte by Peter Lole to Martin Kelvin's conclusion that James VIII was guilty of infidelity to his wife Clementina.
  2. Edition No 121 (Summer 2006), which contains an article on the search for Dalchosnie, the seat of Sir John MacDonald, by Martin Galvin, and an update on the Culloden Battlefield Memorial Project by Christopher Duffy.
  3. Edition No 125 (Winter 2007) which includes an article by Michael Nevin on the Memorandum sent by Prince Charles to King Louis XV on his return to France on November 5th 1746, requesting the King's assistance in raising another force in order to return to Britain as soon as possible. This Memorandum stimulated my own interest in the character of the Prince and history of the period, as it provided first-hand evidence contradicting Hanoverian propaganda that Prince Charles had abandoned Scotland after Culloden.
  4. Edition No 127 (Summer 2008), which includes an obituary of Alastair Livingstone, the annual report for the year to April 2008, and an article on John Rattray, the so-called "golfing Jacobite".
  5. Edition No 128 (Winter 2008) includes an obituary of the Association's President, David Lumsden of Cushnie, who died during the Annual Gathering at Glenfinnan that year. It also contains the first part of a two-part article on the executions of the Earl of Kilmarnock and Lord Balmerino at Tower Hill on August 18th 1746, drawing on contemporary accounts.
  6. Edition No 129 (Spring 2009) includes an account of the Lochiel Memorial Event held at Bergues in October 2008, and the second part of eyewitness accounts of the behaviour of the Earl of Kilmarnock and Lord Balmerino during their final days in the Tower of London.
  7. Edition No 130 (Summer 2009) includes the Annual Report for the year to April 30th 2009, an article on the discovery of 13 Jacobite glasses from the Vaughan family of North Wales, and an article on the Welsh Jacobite Anthony Langley Swymmer.
  8. Edition No 131 (Winter 2009) includes extracts from an 1822 letter by Anne Prichard, in which she recollects meeting Prince Charles in Preston in 1745, and goes on to relate a later meeting with him at Essex Street in 1752, in important first-hand testimony of key events in the Prince's career.
  9. Edition No 132 (Spring 2010).The edition is rich in first-hand accounts of the '45, containing as it does: [a] extracts from the diary of James Miller of Manchester, who was sentenced to death for his part in the Rising but pardoned; [b] a second letter from Anne Prichard of Preston written in 1822 and recalling events from 1745 and after;and [c] a letter from Duncan Robertson of Drumachuine to the Duke of Atholl dated January 11th 1746.
  10. Edition No 133 (Summer 2010) includes the address given by Brigadier John M MacFarlane, President of the 1745 Association, at the annual commemoration at Culloden in 2010, which is a powerful evocation of the battle; and a poem by William Neill (1922-2010) entitled John Roy Stuart, in which he imagines the voice of the warrior poet in exile and yearning for the Highlands.
  11. Edition No 134 (Winter 2010) includes an account by Dr Christopher Duffy of the Prince at Peebles during his march southwards in November 1745. It also includes articles by Charles Burnett on the impact of the '45 on the Lyon Court and John Holman on an exhibition of the relics of King Charles I in London in May 2010.
  12. Edition No 135 (Spring 2011) which describes the commemorative event to mark the 250th anniversary of the death of Lord George Murray in the small Dutch town of Medemblik, including the text of a speech on his life given by his direct descendant, James Murray.
  13. Edition No 136 (Summer 2011).This edition is mainly taken up by an important paper by Tom Adams on the involvement of the Lairds of North-East Scotland in the Rising of 1745, explaining why they rose for Prince Charlie and describing their fate after the Rising.
  14. Edition No 137 (Winter 2011).This edition includes the text of the speech at the Annual Dinner delivered by Brigadier John MacFarlane on the songs and music of the '45, and another by Christian Aikman on the siege of Blair Castle in February 1746.
  15. Edition No 138 (Spring 2012).This edition contains: [1] the news of a new Jacobite Gallery (Gallery No 4) at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, [2] a short article by Christian Aikman on the origins of Drambuie, [3] a detailed account of Jacobite operations in Blair Atholl by Christopher Duffy, and [4] the first article by Brian Whiting on the story behind the English Jacobite song, “Derwentwater's Farewell”.
  16. Edition No 139 (Summer 2012) features an article on James Russel, an English Jacobite artist;a report on the commemorative service on Drumossie Moor on April 14th 2012 by Christian Aikman;and an article on the 1964 BBC drama/ documentary on Culloden (Dir: Peter Watkins) by Brian Whiting.
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