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Issue Summaries:

Spring 2006

Includes articles on the historian Walter Biggar Blaikie, and extensive contributions by the late Peter Lole who proved in this issue that his knowledge of the Jacobite era and the ‘bigger picture’ and intrigue of the day extended far beyond the study of glassware for which he is best remembered.

Summer 2006

Features news of the Culloden Battlefield Memorial project from Christopher Duffy and an article on the search for Dalchosnie, seat of Sir John Macdonald plus the Annual Report.

Winter 2007

Contains reports on the Annual Gathering at Inverness, the first appearance of Auction Notes by Dr. Martin Kelvin and a significant translation of a memorandum sent by Prince Charles to Louis XV in November 1746 which proves beyond doubt that The Prince had every intention of returning to Scotland to fight for his father’s throne.

Winter 2009

Reports of the Gathering, the AGM and most interestingly an extract from a truly captivating letter written in 1822 by Anne Pritchard in which she recollects meeting The Prince in Preston in 1745 and again in London during his secret visit in which he converted to the Anglican faith.

Spring 2010

An article by Christian Aikman on the Teviotdale Jacobite, Henry Ker of Graden together with a wonderful richness of first-hand accounts of the ’45 by the youthful James Miller of Manchester, sentenced to death for his part in the Rising but pardoned whereupon he joined a force of British marines and went off to fight the French at the Siege of Pondicherry: A second extract from the letters of Anne Pritchard, also a letter from January 1746 from Duncan Robertson of Drumachuine to the Duke of Atholl.

Summer 2010

The most evocative address given by our then President, Brigadier John MacFarlane at the annual commemoration of Culloden that year together with a poem by William Neill entitled John Roy Stewart in which he imagines the voice of the good colonel poet, yearning for the Highlands from exile in France.

Winter 2010

An article by Dr. Christopher Duffy of the Prince at Peebles on the march South, together with a report of the Gathering at Peebles that year and articles on the impact of the ’45 on the Lyon Court (the body which regulates heraldry in Scotland, founded in 1532 during the reign of the young James V and still active to this day) and also an article on the exhibition of relics of the martyr King, Charles I held in London in the May of that year.

Spring 2011

This focuses on the commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the passing of Lord George Murray in the small Dutch town of Medemblik and including the text of a speech given by his direct descendant, James Murray.

Summer 2011

This edition features an important paper by Tom Adams on the involvement of the lairds of North-East Scotland in the ’45 which explores their reasons for joining the Prince and their fate after Culloden. It also contains a notice of our Chairman’s Edinburgh Fringe production entitled “The last hopeful epistle of Bonnie Prince Charlie”.

Winter 2011

An account of the Gathering at Blair Atholl including the text of Brigadier MacFarlane’s address to the Annual Dinner on the subject of The Songs and Music of The ’45 together with a piece by Christian Aikman on the siege of Blair Castle in February 1746.

Spring 2012

This features an in-depth article by Dr. Christopher Duffy of Jacobite operations in Blair Atholl; the Late Brian Whiting writes on the story behind the moving ballad of the ’15, “Derwentwater’s Farewell” - “Oh fare thee well, fair Dilston Hall, my father’s ancient seat” and giving news of the creation of a Jacobite Gallery at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, also Christian Aikman’s take on the origins of ‘Prince Charles Edward’s Liqueur’, Drambuie.

Summer 2012

This issue contains articles on James Russel, the English Jacobite artist resident in Rome between 1740 – 1763 and on Peter Watkins’ 1964 BBC docudrama Culloden (Black and White, but groundbreaking at the time – watch it on Youtube), together with a report on the Drumossie Moor Memorial Service.

Spring 2018

Concentrates on Falkirk with the new home for the Association Library at Callender House and tells of the historic connection with the ’45 for both sides; it was where The Prince dined with Lord Kilmarnock in September 1745 on the march South and later became the headquarters for General Henry Hangman Hawley. It also tells of the unveiling of the memorial to Young Glengarry, an early victim of ‘friendly fire’.

Summer 2018

Focuses on a History Scotland debate between Prof. Murray Pittock and Prof. Christopher Whatley on the theme of ‘Who were the Jacobites and what did they want for Scotland?’ together with amendments to the Association constitution as it became a Company Limited by Guarantee and the second part of Mike Nevin’s guided tour of the Stuart portraits in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh plus an article by the late David Baxter, Baron of Earlshall, on the Scottish basket hilted sword and one by the Rev’d William Mather entitled ‘A snipe fit for a Prince’.

Spring 2019

This issue contains a significant article on Peter Lole and his studies of Jacobite glassware and Jacobite clubs, Flora Macdonald, part l, the use of tartan as a Jacobite emblem in the ’45 and a list of cairns erected by the Association, as well as the regular features.

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