1745 Association
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Bonnie Prince Charlie Statue in Derby
Welcome Fáilte Bienvenue Benvenuto Bienvenido Witam
Triumphant at last
This is a non-political historical association, the objects of which are:-
  1. To study the Jacobite period.
  2. To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had connections with the '45.
  3. To mark the appropriate historical sites.
Description of the Jacobite Banner
Cairns, Memorials and Plaques
Events Leading to the Jacobite Rising
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Mission Statement
Charles Edward Stuart by Giles Hussey in pencil and red chalk
  New content you won't find anywhere else. Our primary communication is The Jacobite, provided as part of the membership benefits. Recent research by association members found the location of Lochiel's burial place at Bergues.
Le du Teillay Versailles Palace - Court of Honour Charles' signature
August 23, 2013
Today the 1745 Association released "Songs of the Jacobite Risings" by Dr Emsley Nimmo and Brian Whiting.
September 11-14, 2014
The success of the 1745 Association's Annual Gathering is attributed to Emsley Nimmo, Peter Lole and Glen MacDonald. We visited; Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scalan, Druminnor Castle, and Glenbuchat Castle. Complete details on the Gatherings page.