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Bonnie Prince Charlie Statue in Derby
Any potential new members are invited to click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page where joining information will be found. There is a Paypal link if you would like to use it. For more information e-mail stevelord888@gmail.com

The 2017 Annual Gathering will be in London. There will be details in the Winter Jacobite. The dates will be Friday 8 September to Monday 11 September and the venue will be the Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath.

Proposed visits include The National Portrait Gallery, The Tower of London/Tower Hill, The British Museum as well as the 1745 Association plaque in St George's Gardens.

The '45 in 45 minutes!

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 17:45 PM on Thursday December 8th 2016.

The 1745 Association is giving a guided tour of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery at 1 Queen Street between 17:45 PM and 18:30 PM on Thursday December 8th 2016. The SNPG contains the finest collection of Jacobite portraits in the world, including the recently acquired Weymss portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart painted by Allan Ramsay at Holyrood Palace in October 1745. The tour is free and open to all, as a fascinating way to round off a day of work or afternoon of Christmas shopping.

Why did Prince Charlie embark on what seems, in retrospect, to have been such a reckless mission in 1745? And why on earth did so many Scottish clansmen rally to his cause? Michael Nevin, Chairman of The 1745 Association, will seek to unlock the solution to these mysteries through clues contained in portraits that reveal the fears, hopes and ambitions of the leaders who drove the dramatic events that unfolded in Scotland during the first half of the 18th century, whose legacy remains with us to this very day.

All are welcome on the night, meeting in the Assembly Hall at the main entrance to the SPNG. Anyone requiring further information can contact Maureen Lipscomb at katklan98@gmail.com
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Triumphant at last
This is a non-political historical association, the objects of which are:-
  1. To study the Jacobite period.
  2. To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had connections with the '45.
  3. To mark the appropriate historical sites.
  4. To endeavour to safeguard the Jacobite heritage

For more details, see the 1745 Association Leaflet.

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Charles Edward Stuart by Giles Hussey in pencil and red chalk
  New content you won't find anywhere else. Our primary communication is The Jacobite, provided as part of the membership benefits. Recent research by association members found the location of Lochiel's burial place at Bergues.
Le du Teillay Versailles Palace - Court of Honour Charles' signature
January 16 2016
From 1:30-4pm there will be a guided tour in the area of the Battle of Falkirk the day before its 270th anniversary. More details to come.
September 3-6, 2015
The success of the 1745 Association's Annual Gathering is attributed to John Macfarlane and Glen MacDonald. We visited; Barcaldine, Glen Creran, Glen Ure, Appin, Duror, Ballachulish, and Inverary. Complete details on the Gathering's page.