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Membership fees are modest.  Single membership for the year is 20.00 and Joint Membership 25.00. 

 Membership runs from January to January irrespective of joining date. 

Overseas members may pay their subscriptions in Sterling, either by cheque or draft negotiable in London or by Sterling notes (cash). We also accept $US at the rate of $US30.00 for a single subscription and $40.00 for a joint membership ($2.00 = 1.00). 

Those in the Euro zone may pay in cash Euros at the rate of Euros 25.00 for a single subscription and Euros 30.00 for joint.





Annual Subscriptions fall due on the 1st of January, and it will be appreciated if those members who do not pay be Banker's Order would pay promptly by one of the following means:
by cheque, payable to The 1745 Association and sent to the Hon. Treasurer, Steve Lord, 4 Mill St ,Eynsham, Witney Oxon OX29 4JS, UK or by using PayPal


Please note that we have no facilities to accept payment by credit or debit card, and that payment by cheques drawn on overseas accounts would incur disproportionate bank charges, although we can accept payment in UK Sterling (),  US dollar ($) or Euro bank notes as a last resort for members who cannot pay by any other means.
The Association's current subscription rates are:
Single Membership = 20.00
Joint Membership = 25.00


Postal application form


We are now able to accept membership fees on-line using Paypal Membership fees for this method of payment will be 20.00 for single membership and 25.00 for joint.




We remind potential new members and others that our membership year runs from January 01 to December 31.Your membership fees will fall due on January 01 irrespective of the date of  your first joining the Association. However if you join in the months Oct. Nov.or Dec we will offer you your first 15 months for the price of 12 with renewal being necessary at the conclusion of the concessionary period.


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