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Welcome Fáilte Bienvenue Benvenuto Bienvenido Witam

Welcome to the new website of the 1745 Association.


The 1745 Association is a non-political historical association, the objectives of which are:-

  1. To study the Jacobite period.

  2. To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had connections with the '45.

  3. To mark the appropriate historical sites.

  4. To endeavour to safeguard the Jacobite heritage

A warm and friendly welcome is extended to all who share an interest in Jacobite history and in particular the events of the 1745 Rising and its aftermath.

We encourage you to consider joining our growing membership.  Full details of the benefits and how to join can be found via the link on the left or the Contact Us / Join Us page




An audio file of the Chairman's Report from the 2019 AGM is available below.


If you would like to make a donation towards commemorating the sites and people involved in the '45 Risings, please use the PayPal button below.

Chairman's Report - 1745 Association
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