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There are any number of memorials of one sort and another concerned with the Jacobite Risings that occurred between 1689 and 1746.  A complete list of the memorials we have constructed and maintained for public benefit over the years can be accessed here.  These mark sites of particular importance in the history of the Jacobite movement, so that those visiting them are aware of the events that happened there.

The 1745 Association Monuments and Memorials Interactive Map can be accessed here so you can plan your visits.

Some of the memorials are pictured below.  Click on the image to open a larger image with accompanying text

Prince's Cairn Loch nan Uamh
Erected in 1956.
Where Prince Charles Edward Stuart departed for France after his wanderings in the Highland & Islands following the Defeat of the Jacobite forces at the Battle of Culloden on 16 April 1746. The cairn was erected by the 1745 Association in 1956. Loch nan Uamh is also the place where the Prince first set foot on mainland Great Britain on 25 July 1745.
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NM 72005 84435
Loch nan Uamh Plaque
If you are in the area, you can find the cairn on the A830. O.S Map 40 (Mallaig & Glenfinnan)
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NM 72005 84435
Cairn at Highbridge
Erected in 1994.
Highbridge is close to Spean Bridge and was the main crossing point over the River Spean from 1736 until Thomas Telford built a new bridge over the river at the place that is now Spean Bridge in 1819. Highbridge was allowed to fall into disrepair and eventually collapse.
The original bridge was the work of General George Wade
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NN 19964 81922
Highbridge circa 1899
A photograph of Highbridge circa 1899.
The original bridge was the work of General George Wade.
Highbridge can be located on O.S. Map 34 (Fort Augustus and Glen Albyn) Ref 200820.
Highbridge Today
Photo courtesy of Phil Dobson
Cairn to John Roy Stuart
Erected in 1998.
Stuart raised the Edinburgh Regiment of approximately 200 men and fought at Culloden under the Green Flag of Kincardine. Escaping from Culloden Field on April 16, 1745 he returned to Strathspey, remaining a fugitive in the area before joining the Bonnie Prince at Ben Alder and from there to Loch Nan Uamh on the West Coast and flight to France.
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NH 94085 16582
Association Cairn at Sheriffmuir
Erected in 2002.
The fourth cairn sponsored by the 1745 Association is the one marking the site of the Battle of Sheriffmuir. This cairn was erected in 2002.
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NN 81600 01940
Sheriffmuir Cairn Plaque
Wording of the 1745 Association Sheriffmuir Plaque.
Ordnance Survey Map Ref NN 81600 01940
St George's Gardens
Erected in 2015 by the 1745 Association to commemorate the men executed on Kennington Common in 1746 and buried in St. George’s Gardens, London.
The inscription reads:
In Memory of The Officers and Gentlemen of the Army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart who were executed on Kennington Common in July, August and November 1746.
Nine of the Manchester Regiment and seven Scots are buried here.
Francis Towneley, Colonel of the Manchester Regiment lies in the churchyard of Old St Pancras church.
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