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Proposed Battle of Falkirk Muir Visitor Centre

Our member Roddy Tulloch and his team have prepared a prospectus for the proposed Battle of Falkirk Muir Visitor Centre which may be of interest to our members and others.

The prospectus can be viewed HERE.

BBC Sounds - Culloden

Members may be interested in listening to “From Our Own Correspondent” broadcast on 27th April 2020 on BBC Radio 4 between 1130 & 1230.  5 minutes and 49 seconds into the programme there is a piece on the cancellation of the ceremony at Culloden and general Jacobite matters.  The 1745 Association gets a mention which includes the proposed trip to Florence.

Thanks to  our Chairman, Michael Nevin.

The programme is available on BBC Sounds.

2020 Gathering Update @ 27/03/2020

At the moment, the Florence Gathering is scheduled for October 2020.  In the light of the current crisis, Italy is in a state of lockdown which will last at least until the end of July according to the Italian Government.

At present we have 21 bookings.  As you may surmise, there have been no new bookings recently and our cut-off date for bookings is July 31st to give enough time to confirm or cancel the accommodation already booked.

We assure you that we have no intention to go forward with this trip, unless we are absolutely sure that it is safe and both the British and Italian governments agree that it is so.

However, given the restrictions placed on international travel and tourism by the need to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Gathering may have to be postponed until next Spring (April or May 2021).  In that eventuality, all bookings made before the current booking deadline of July 31st 2020 will be honoured at the quoted price.  If the Gathering date is put back to the Spring of 2021, it should also be possible to accept additional bookings after August 2020, although these may have to be at a slightly elevated rate, depending on the terms we can secure from the hotel, caterers and the sites we will visit in the event of a postponement.

A final decision on the date of the Florence Gathering will be made in July 2020 and published in the Summer edition of The Jacobite.”


Association Event - 16th April 2020

“Financing a Revolution”.  Royal Museum, Edinburgh, 12:30 PM – 1.20 PM, Thursday, April 16th 2020


April 16, 1746: The Jacobite Army under Bonnie Prince Charlie is defeated by Hanoverian Government Army under the Duke of Cumberland on Culloden Moor.

April 16, 2020: To commemorate this event, the 1745 Association is organising a tour on the third floor of the Royal Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh under the Culloden banners at the "Scotland Transformed" display.

Please assemble on the 3rd floor of the museum, at the standard of Barrel's Regiment and the Stewart of Appin Regiment, at 12:30 PM.

In "Financing a Revolution – the untold story of the '45", Michael Nevin, Chairman of The 1745 Association, tells the story that is left out of the history books – that the real reason that the Rising of 1745 finally failed was simply because the Jacobites ran out of money. As the Jacobite soldiers engaged in their final battle on a bitterly cold morning at Culloden, they were starving, penniless, poorly armed and exhausted after an abortive night march on Nairn. Prince Charlie's most loyal right-hand man, Col John William O'Sullivan, concluded in his narrative that "nobody that knows anything about military matters could imagine that six or seven thousand men, who for so long had suffered without money or food, and who had been discouraged and harassed as they had been two days before, could resist in a ranged battle against twice that number of regular troops that wanted for nothing."

This tour will draw on:

  • the narrative of O'Sullivan, Quartermaster-General of the Jacobite Army,

  • the diary of John Campbell, first cashier (effectively, Chief Executive) of the Royal Bank of Scotland at the time of the Rising,

  • the history of David Drummond, the long-serving Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland, 

as well as other contemporary sources and the magnificent exhibits in the Royal Museum to tell the remarkable story of how the Rising was financed, and the roles played in it by the Hanoverian Royal Bank of Scotland and the Jacobite Bank of Scotland.

The talk will last for c. 40 minutes and be followed by an opportunity for questions and answers for c. 10 minutes.

The event is free and open to all, and tickets are available at:


A video of the Association's commemoration of the 330th Anniversary of the Battle of Dunkeld (August 1689) can be seen at via the link on our "Audio / Video" page.


NTS/1745 Association Lecture - 17th April 2020

This year’s NTS – 1745 Association Lecture will be given by our previous Chairman, Dr Christopher Duffy, at NTS’s Culloden Visitor Centre at 1:30 PM on Friday April 17th, and is entitled “What if Prince Charles had won at Culloden?”


Charles Edward Stuart was a complicated man; his aim was always to take the thrones of England, Ireland and Scotland. His defeat at Culloden effectively ended his quest for the thrones. In this talk, Christopher will explore what the consequences of a victory at Culloden would have been for Charles, the Jacobites and ultimately Scotland.  Christopher is the author of 'Fight for a Throne' and widely regarded as the leading living authority on the military campaign. His talks and his writings are underpinned by meticulous research, characterised by clarity and lucidity, and leavened by a dry sense of humour as he casts an astute eye over our shared history and the people who shaped it.  Further details of his career and publications can be seen at Wikipedia on


Tickets for Christopher’s talk can be obtained at:


Clan Donald Culloden Lunch - 18th April 2020

Attached you will find details of the 2020 Clan Donald Lunch which all members of the 1745 Association are welcome to attend.

The speaker after lunch will be the President of our Association The Very Rev'd Dr Emsley Nimmo.


If you wish to attend please reply as instructed in the attachment and not by replying to this email.


St George's Gardens Commemoration - 26th April 2020

On Sunday 26 April 2020 at 12.30pm we will be holding our sixth annual commemoration for the Jacobites executed on Kennington Common and buried in St George’s Gardens, London WC1H 8HZ.  Those executed include Col. Francis Towneley, commander of the Manchester Regiment who is laid to rest in St Pancras Old Church nearby.


The nearest underground stations are Russell Square and Kings Cross. 


The short commemoration will be followed by a quick visit to the near by Foundling Museum to take a look at Hogarth's satirical painting "The March of the Guards to Finchley" which depicts a column of redcoat soldiers about to march out of the capital to confront a possible approaching Jacobite army.  Lunch may be taken in a nearby cafe, and a visit to St Pancras Old Church will be available for anyone who has the time to make this very worthwhile visit. 


Everyone, including family and friends, is welcome to attend. Please let Steve Lord know if you are to do so or just turn up on the day.


Social Media Update - Twitter


The 1745 Associaton are now on Twitter.  Follow us for up to date news on events, updates and an "on this day" feature of pertinent events during the Jacobite Rising of 1745-46.  Click on the Twitter icon below or this link.

The Story of Killiecrankie Battlefield and Transport Scotland's plan to destroy its heart

A very interesting and informative video in the link on our "Audio / Video" page.

This is about the proposed road works that Transport Scotland are looking to dual the A9 through the Battlfield of Killicrankie.  They are proposing to duel the south side of the existing road which will destroy the most important part of the Battlefield.

The aim is to get to get them to change their plans and dual the north side of the A9 which would have much less impact on the battlefield.

Further information can be found at the following website:

Press Release by The 1745 Association



The 1745 Association Reiterates its Opposition to Dualling the A9 at Killiecrankie


As the Enquiry into the dualling of the A9 commences at Pitlochry today, the 1745 Association reiterates its concerns about the threat it poses to the Killiecrankie battlefield.


“We are respectfully asking the Reporter to consider all feasible options for the A9, not just those put forward by Transport for Scotland, in order to avoid irreparable and irreversible damage to one of Scotland’s most important battlefield sites,” said Association Chairman Michael Nevin.  “As a professional economist, I seriously question whether a rigorous cost-benefit analysis would support the dualling of the A9 at Killiecrankie at all. Do we really want to encourage more cars, travelling ever-increasing speeds, on our our arterial roads?   Surely the priority of an environmentally responsible transport policy should be to encourage greater use of rail and bus services, combined with regulating road traffic to travel at steady and sustainable speeds and so minimise the damaging effect that vehicle emissions are having on global warming.”


Mr Nevin suggests that the optimal strategy for the A9 would involve maintaining the existing single carriageway at the Pass of Killiecrankie, combined with selective dualling on stretches before and after enabling motorists to overtake slower moving vehicles safely.


“At Killiecrankie, a far more cost-effective option would involve maintaining the existing single carriageway, adding a lay-by and enhancing battlefield interpretation to encourage passing travellers by bus, coach and car to pause and reflect on an important moment in Scottish history,” said Mr Nevin. 


The 1745 Association formally wrote to the Director of Major Transport Infrastructure Projects (MTRIPS) of Transport Scotland on January 20th 2018 setting out its objections to their proposals.  “We reiterate our objections today as the Enquiry commences.  TfL’s cosmetic changes to their original proposals do nothing to allay our concerns,” stated Mr Nevin.  “We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Scottish Battlefields Trust, the local community group Soldiers of Killiecrankie, our friends in The Fifteen (the Northumbrian Jacobite Society) and many others who share our fundamental concerns about these proposals.  I am confident that the Reporter will give full and detailed consideration to all options, and we wish him well in his important Enquiry.”

Proposed Constitution of the 1745 Association SCIO

Following a decision at the 2019 AGM to convert the Association from a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) into a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), the proposed new Constitution is available for reference here.  Any comments regarding the content should be raised via the form on the Contact Us page.

​​​The Battle of Glen Shiel - 300 Years On!


You may be aware that our Chairman, Mike Nevin, gave a talk entitled "The Battle of Glen Shiel - 300 Years On!" at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Monday, June 10th, the 300th anniversary of the battle, drawing on Peter Tillemans' great painting of the battle to explain what happened there.

The talk was covered by the journalist Jody Harrison, who wrote a piece on the battle for the Herald on Sunday.  The article published on June 16th can be read via

As this article was not written by the Association any inaccuracies are out of our control.

Association Library at Callendar House, Falkirk

If you wish to access the association library, in addition to phoning in advance, anyone wishing to use the library should e-mail stating when they would like to use the library (date) and ideally which journals or books they would like to access, so that the archive staff can be prepared accordingly and have everything ready for them.

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